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The first thing we do when we are born is breathe. The last thing we do when we leave this planet is breathe. And in between we continue to breathe. Breathing is one of the key functions of our body. It provides for oxygen to our cells, and sustains homeostatic functions like controlling our autonomic nervous system. Most of the time we don't pay a lot attention to this. And yet, for many people suffering from stress-like symptoms, controlling their breath could help to reconnect the mind with the body, lower stress and induce relaxation.

At moonbird we develop physical tools that make it easy for people to do breathing exercises. Our mission is to help people achieve a desired state of mind, for instance more relaxed or calm down. As such, we ultimately want to improve the wellbeing of people worldwide.

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The company moonbird

Achieving relaxation to help people fall asleep, calm down or experience less anxiety is the first step in our mission. Over time, we want to include different types of breathing exercises and incorporate different cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs in our solution. Our current scientific collaborations set up with experts and key opinion leaders are the fundaments for this.

The team

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Stefanie Broes, PhD Strategy, Legal & Commercial

Stefanie Broes, interested and enthusiastic about the effects of relaxation techniques, came up with the idea of moonbird. Seeing people in her direct environment suffer from anxiety and insomnia, her goal is to make breathing exercises easily accessible to all of us. She worked in another startup company and has a master in biomedical sciences, IP law and a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences.

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Michael Broes Strategy, Finance & Technology

Michael Broes sees breathing as an essential part of life, far too often receiving insufficient attention in our modern society. Via moonbird, he would like to change this. Michael has a background in finance and is a CFA charterholder. After spending six years working with data at a financial firm, he can now apply his expertise and knowledge to health datasets.

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Loes Vandekerckhove Head of Digital Marketing

Loes is obsessed with all things digital. Exercising energizes her and she performs best when she’s a little bit stressed. But sometimes she needs to step back, relax and let calm take over. That’s why she was very passionate to start working with moonbird, the tool that helps you calm down. Besides running her own startup purebyluce, she's excited to work as digital marketeer for moonbird.

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Karen Borremans Clinical psychologist

Over the past years, Karen has worked together with several patient and client organizations as a clinical psychologist. With a passion for meditation and mindfulness techniques, she has experience implementing breathing exercises with clients in her private practice. She is thrilled to support the development of a device like Moonbird.

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Are you a journalist? Press inquiries

Are you a journalist? Contact us for more information, scientific background and all other questions.

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