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Anxious? Stressed?
Trouble falling asleep?
Breathing exercises in the palm of your hand.

Let moonbird guide you, wherever and whenever you want.
Proven impact already after a few minutes.


Introducing moonbird The first handheld tool for personalised breathing exercises

Drug free

Breathe better with moonbird Here’s how

Hold moonbird in your hand
Select one of the different types of breathing exercises or let moonbird determine your personal breathing rhythm.

Follow the pace of your moonbird
Moonbird expands & contracts. Simply start to match your breath with the pace of the device.

Get feedback
Moonbird generates insights into how you respond to each breathing exercise.

Wherever, whenever you want it
Access breathing exercises where you want it, when you need it.

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Reducing anxiety

Proactively manage your anxiety by doing regular breathing exercises, or do short exercises when you need it the most.

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Lowering stress

Moonbird makes it easy to do personalised breathing exercises before you start your day, at work, or on your way home.

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Falling asleep

Moonbird helps you to forget about the daily struggles, soothe your mind and transition to sleep.

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Modern life is stressful moonbird helps you take a break

We know what personalised breathing exercises can do for people with stress, anxiety, panic attacks or sleeping problems because it has been proven by research. Try moonbird for yourself and find out what breathing exercises can do for you.

A single exercise with moonbird causes immediate relief for those prone to stress but a consistent daily approach renders longlasting effects. We recommend using moonbird twice daily for at least four weeks.

Still not convinced? You can return moonbird free of charge within two weeks of purchase.

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Co-created with end-users Driven by science

Research and science are one of the core values of everything we do at moonbird. Our moonbird was co-created and tested with everyone at the table. In the EU cross-care project, we work together with doctors, psychologists, pharmacists, academics and our end users.

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Personalised tips, tricks and daily reminders via the app

Moonbird can be used standalone or with an app on your smartphone.

The app will help to keep you on track with regular reminders, personal tips and tricks. You can play mindfulness audio fragments, view weekly reports to keep track of your emotional and physical wellbeing and see how you are doing over time.

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Meet our team, discover our values and mission, and why we are doing this.

“Most of us are not aware of the power that lies within our breathing. We want to help people to use their breathing in the right way, so they can relax, calm down or fall asleep faster. And ultimately, we want to improve the wellbeing of people worldwide.”

- Stefanie Broes, co-founder

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